Services are offered on installments, fixed-price and time-and-materials basis, on-site or off-site, including entire project outsourcing.

Management Consulting Services

Supply Chain, Finance & Cash Management, Strategic Planning, Data Security, Cyber Marketing, Human Resource Management, Project Planning & Appraisals.

IT Systems / Application Development (PHP, Microsoft, Linux, Cisco, Novell, Oracle, AutoCAD)

Telecom, Wireless, Mobile Systems, Planning, Design, Development, Implementation, Security and Operations. Third Party Review of Computer Services, Emergency/Disaster Planning & Implementation, Knowledge Management, Distibuted Object Oriented Technology.


Complete Enterprise Resource Planning System for medium and Large Scale Organization, BPR, TQM, JIT, SCM.

Off-shore / Remote Services

Medical & Legal Research, Transcription, Call/Help Desk Centers, Data Entry, Reporting, Technical Writing, Broadcasting, Publication, Backup, Fault Tolerance, Load Balancing.

Case-Based Reasoning (CBR)

Services to retrieve actionable information from historical data of similar situations to answer questions about future situations. Executive Information Systems (EIS) and Decision Support Systems (DSS) to a wide range of applications where historical cases can be used to solve new cases in the areas of help desks, sales support, customer service, diagnosis, engineering design, and advisory support systems.

Intelligent Agents

Design and implement local and distributed agents and agent technologies.